Social media

meet your customers
and make friends with them



People love unique, true stories. Especially those in which they can participate. Use it! Encourage clients to co-create stories about your company and build your own community, who knows, likes and recommends to others your products or services. It's possible, thanks to the company's Facebook page (fan page). Here the narrative turns into a dialogue, and customers become your partners, willingly sharing insights about your offer. Through appealing, current contents we will maintain interest in the brand, fix it in the minds of consumers, build trust and long-term relationships. With well-targeted advertising campaigns we will get the message across to a specific target group, so you will not waste resources on the promotion for people from outside of your potential customer group. Contact us, and we will present you a comprehensive proposal for the creation and development of the company's fan page and a preliminary strategy for action in social media.

Google +


Like the fan page, business page on Google+ allows you to build your own community and create a positive image. However, its possession brings other benefits as well. Google+ belongs to a broader ecosystem created by the Mountain View giant. Thanks to this the business website can be integrated with other Google products, for example. AdWords, maps (for local companies - a combination of the business card) and a video channel on YouTube.
Company's account on Google+ is also a very good tool assisting in positioning. Updating it on a regular basis, adding valuable content interacts positively on the company's results in the world's most popular search engine Google. Definitely - it is worth to be there!

You Tube


YouTube is not just a collection of funny cat videos. Contrary to appearances, it has a high marketing potential that is even within the budget of a small businesses. Thanks to the company's YouTube channel, we can pursue different objectives. Increase sales through spots, text and video presentations of products. Build an expert position, thanks to clips and instructional advisory. "Warm" the image of your company by presenting the it "from the inside", the team, showing external social activities. Expand coverage by publishing viral clips so eagerly distributed by Internet users. The possibilities are many. Given the nature of your business, we will develop your company's YouTube channel, we will fill it with videos provided by you, prepare the description and promote it. As a Google Certified Partner, we offer AdWords campaign using text ads on YouTube. Do not wait, show yourself customers!



140 characters no more period - the length of a single message on twitter, so-called tweet. Supposedly not much and yet a huge business opportunity! Twitter is an ideal tool for ongoing communication, here and now. Through corporate account, you can directly contact a specific client or business partner, respond quickly to potential crises, manage your business reputation online. Twitter is also a great channel promoting the latest information and activities in other social networking sites. Do not have time to constantly monitor customer inquiries? Do not worry. We'll take care of it. We will create your Twitter business account and take care of the updates and current contacts with your customers.